The instructor in the mindfulness class had asked the same thing again. It just did not make sense to her to write down things that she already knew about. What use was to write three things to be grateful for every day? She already knew it. She was aware of all the things she had. Why would she write down her feelings when she already felt them herself? They were in her!

She walked home thinking these. She regretted registering for the class and all the time she spent there. She just got useless advice. She decided to drop the class next week.

As she approached her home, she heard some noises from the next-door neighbor. She saw some technicians as she walked by. She entered her apartment, dropped her backpack and walked to the bathroom to wash her hands.

But she could not because there was no water. She checked all the taps in her place and none had water.  This had never happened before. She was not sure who to ask about this, so she just walked to the technicians next door.

Apparently, there was some leak in her neighbor’s home, so they had to cut it all off to fix it and to make sure that other apartments are not affected badly. Worse, they did not know how long it would take them to fix it because they had not solved the problem yet.

She came back home, took out a notebook and a pen. She titled the page ‘Gratitude List 1/21/2020’. Then she added the first line: water.