He had been training for so long for this marathon. For months, he had not missed a day, not cheated a day. He was determined. And surprisingly so because he was usually a lazy person. But for some reason, he had found tremendous determination for this. He was sure that this was not because he wanted to lose weight or have a healthy eating habit. He did not care about those. What did he care about? He did not know at the time.

Now, sitting across this woman, he knew. This was their 10th year in marriage and they were still happy and content. ‘This woman is the greatest gift of my life’, he thought. Then, he said this to her out loud. He also added:

‘But I also worked hard for it’.

The woman had not prepared for the marathon at all. She was a runner but a casual one. She had registered for the event because of peer pressure. On the day of the marathon, she almost overslept. But something in her was telling her to go. She attended the event just because. At least she thought so. Looking at the man across her and listening to what he just said, she replied:

‘Well, I didn’t work for it. But I had actually worked for it all my life. Why else would I start running in the first place?’

In reality, something else had made it work for them.