To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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15 thoughts on “The Benefits of Talking

  1. I have gotten more talkative as I get older, as a child I was very shy and hardly spoke. Now you can’t shut me up, lol. But really I love speaking to anyone and learning all sorts of things and just sharing life. Appreciate your post.

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  2. Wow..feels good to know about Turkish culture..It enhanced my knowledge.
    I generally talk less as I am a reserved person. But I always wished to be a talkative person..I also want to be a person who would talk a lot 🤩 but it doesn’t come to me naturally.

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    1. We all are different and there are many factors at play. You can maybe start by choosing one close person to talk to, not everyone. You can talk to that person a lot and then maybe you can include more people in this.


      1. Yes, but my point was to ease yourself into it. If you don’t like talking in general, talking to one person a lot will make it easier for you to talk. You can then try to extend this to other people.


  3. I like to talk. My wife says I have a medical condition called oral diarrhea. I’m from the Deep South. We generally talk often and elongate our vowels. Part of our historical tradition is storytelling. Mostly though, I talk because I like people and talking allows me to get to know them better. In communication theory, we have items such as “Willingness to Communicate” and “Uncertainty Reduction Theory” that help to explain why people may or may not talk as much as others.

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