She walked into the café to grab her morning coffee as usual. It was high time she started making her coffee at home and not spend not so much on coffee. Oh well, this was for another day. She ordered a small regular and waited for her name to be called. As she was waiting, she looked at people. Everyone looked sleepy. Some were straight-up yawning. Some were on their phones to get some distraction because otherwise they would fall asleep. There were a few who were anxiously waiting, presumably they were late for something and they wanted their coffee asap.

One man attracted her attention. He was sitting and just looking at people. Let’s say observing people. He was doing what she was doing and their eyes met. She quickly took her eye away because it was uncomfortable to lock eyes with a stranger. But the stranger insisted. Keeping the eye contact, he started walking towards her.

‘Hi, I am Jason’, he said.

‘Hi’, replied Emma.

‘I think I know you from somewhere. Were you in the dance classes at the fitness center in Main St. by any chance?’

‘Yes, 2017.’

‘I knew it! We were in the same class.’

‘We were.’

‘I remember you were so good in that class. A natural dancer you are.’

She smiled. She felt bad she did not remember this man at all.

Finally, her name was called. She got her coffee. So did Jason. They walked out together. They were talking about dancing. Both knew this was more than dancing. Both felt their souls dance to the rhythm between them.