All through the time on the bus, her eyes were fixated in front of her, her mind on whether she had made the right decision. She had left everything behind, her home, car, bike, life. Well, she did not think she had a life there, which is why she left it. But still, everything that she knew was in that city. The town she was going to now, she knew it from what her friend had told her. But this can be only so much. She had not seen the town nor talked to anyone there (other than her friend).

The unhappiness she had back there had come to such a level that she was not the bubbly, happy girl she used to be. She had changed to a degree she could not have imagined. After months of telling herself to hang in there because she did not know what else to do, there had come a point where her mind did not listen to her anymore and declared independence from the rest of her being. Then she knew she had to get out.

The bus was entering the town now. It looked small but lovely. Women were sitting in front of their houses, sipping their coffee and knitting. She could see they were enjoying themselves. She smiled involuntarily.

Her friend came to pick her up and they started walking to her house. She could smell the freshness and her mind could feel it too.

‘Can we go to the school where I am going to teach first?’, she asked.

‘Of course. It is on our way anyway.’, her friend answered.

They were at the school five minutes later. There was no one because it was the weekend. Yet, she could feel the children’s energy. She smelled it. She touched it. She tasted the energy. This was everything she knew. She also knew she would start living again. Life was just starting.