He was confused. Should he have apologized? Should he apologize? They had had a big fight. They had been having them often recently. He did not know. After each fight, he regretted not apologizing, yet he never apologized. This time, he knew for sure that he was at fault.

He had always had a problem with apologizing. It was as if something in him would crash if he did that. All his identity would be lost. That is how he felt. Silly maybe, but you can’t argue a feeling.

He walked and walked, thinking of these. He knew the problem would be solved with a little ‘I am sorry’. But that little thing required even bigger courage than jumping from a plane. Exaggeration, but you get the point. He walked aimlessly, with no destination in mind. He ended up in front of her house, however. He did not know how long he walked, nor how he had ended up here. But the result was showing. He sat on the stairs in front of the gate and waited. Maybe she would get out soon.

But she did not.

After hours of waiting, he left her place. He did not want to call her. He wanted to see her. But oh well. He hoped she was ok and started walking to his own apartment. Behind him were two eyes watching him disappear. The eyes that had already forgiven him.