I have been nominated for Bee Love Award a while ago (sorry for my late participation) by Rising Star. Rising Star has such inspiring posts and is an always-supportive blogger. You should definitely check his blog out. You can also check his award post here.


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Love for me is what we all need and seek for. There is no life without it. It is what connects us to each other as well as to everything around us, living or not. It is in us and the universe. Here is what I wrote about love long time ago:


I thought I did not have love,

until I found it everywhere in my heart.

As per human nature.


I live out love by actually trying to understand it within me first. I accept that I have love. Then I want to show it to people. It can come out in many ways. Sometimes a smile, a little chat, sometimes helping an elderly cross a street and sometimes getting a candy for a child. Sometimes a hug. Sometimes sharing with others. It has many forms. Every one of our moves can be love if we make them with love.



Sticking to my habit, I nominate everyone who wants to define love and its place in their lives.