Mom and dad looked really big from here. He wanted to reach them, but whenever he tried to stand on his two feet, he fell down. Also, mom and dad laughed whenever he fell, so he did not like that. But he wanted to see them better. All he could do so far was to crawl on the floor, which he had achieved only last week. Sometimes, mom and dad sat down to play with him. He liked that. They would be equal then. But he would face the sad fact when mom and dad got up.

Luckily, mom and dad did everything for him. They fed him, they carried him. This gave him some relief from the feeling of being tiny. He was small but he had some good service. He noticed that his older brother did not get this good service. He had to eat on his own. He had to dress on his own. When he did not want to do something, they made him do it regardless. He himself would just cry when he was not willing to do something and he would get it. That was it.

‘Oh, mom is coming.’

After he said that to himself, he smiled at mom, who took care of him right away. When he was getting dressed by his mom, something just occurred to him: It was not that he was small but he had some good service but that he was small because he had some good service. Maybe when you don’t make a big deal out of yourself, you get the service ready. Was that a life lesson he should keep in mind, he wondered. Something in him said yes and he smiled at mom. Mom smiled back and carried him. He was now happy that he was small. It would be a disaster if he grew up!