Tears oh tears. That was not the right time. The right time was never. Why did you come now? Why would you not stay happily inside, where you can make all my being cry but where I will not see you? Why, why, why.

Tears went on amidst these whys. As long as she was without an answer, tears would continue, she felt like. But soon, they stopped. She looked emptily at the wall in front of her for minutes. She did not even feel like she was blinking. She did not feel like she was breathing.

Finally, she was able to think about what happened. An era in her life had finished. The six years dedicated to someone had proved to be all for the wrong reasons. Something that she imagined to be life-long had not even lasted to see anywhere near old age. Such was the state. But why…

She did not want any more whys. She did not want the tears to come back. So, she forbade herself that word.

Such was the state. She did not want to accept it but it was. They had never insulted each other as much as this last time and they had never been that serious. It was over. It was really over.

She stayed up in bed for all night. In the morning, early morning, someone rang the bell. Who was that? She walked to the door without any expectations.

The door had some good news for her. It had brought back a familiar face of six years. Maybe something was not over yet. Such was not the state yet. Such was really not the state.