‘Come here!’

Mark could hear his mom’s voice even now, ten years after her death. Every time he came to see her, she would hug him so tight that he could barely breathe. At the time, he did not understand how much he liked her. He just thought she hugged too tight. Now, sitting in his chair and missing her warmth, he regretted that. He wished he let her hug him more often.

‘Come here!’, the same voice again. Why would his mom’s voice still repeat in his head like this? Ten years had passed.

This time, the sound was different because it did not stop there. The scene continued. He saw himself run to her mom from his room as soon as he heard his mom say ‘Come here!’.

‘What’s up, mom?’, he asked.

‘Look at this bird up there? Have you seen anything that big?’

‘Woow! It is really big!’

Mark and his mom just watched the bird with wide-open eyes for minutes. When the bird was not visible anymore, he looked at his mom, smiled and ran to meet his friends to tell them about the bird.

This was his favorite experience with his mom. Mark remembered this experience with a smile on his lips. Then, words came out of his mouth:

‘Mom, please come here.’