Pointless Overthinking


Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about the sense of belonging today.

We naturally want to belong to a place or person. We want to be part of a community. We therefore value family and we tend to prioritize them. Family partially gives us our personality. Then, we also belong to a group of friends and colleagues, a class, a neighborhood, a religious group etc., which gives us the opportunity to work on that personality. We belong to a region and a country, which gives us our nationality. Then, we belong to the humankind, which unites all humans. Then, we belong the earth, which unites all beings on earth.

Belongingness gives us everything we have and unites us with other things around us. No wonder it is such an important concept on human well-being.

But then, belonging too much to people or things is notoriously bad for our human well-being. Namely, belonging…

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