I wrote this story as a response to Sohanpreet‘s post here. Go check her blog and post. She provides really good thought/imagination-provoking posts!


He ran as far as he could. He was out of breath and weak on the knees. He looked back. Seeing no one chasing him, he put his hands on his knees and took a few rushed breaths, slowly turning into regular. He was still checking around as he started walking forward. Now, he was lost in this forest. All he had intended to do was to have a quick run in the forest and look what it had turned into.

A shape started to appear in front of his eyes as he walked forward. It was a brown hut. It looked empty. Who had built it here? Why? He walked in and sat down. He needed to pull himself together to be able to go back.

And yet, the sitting continued for hours. There was something about this seemingly abandoned place that attracted him and gave him peace. At some point, he even closed his eyes and meditated. For the first time in his life! He did not know anything about meditation but he did it.

As he wrote these sentences, his mind went to that memory that had shaped his whole life. After that first meeting, he had continued to go for a run to that hut every day and he had never been chased by anything again. What has started as a coincidental meeting with the hut had become his life purpose.

He still did not know what was chasing him that day. He liked to assume it was all the attachments he had at the time. Imagination is not limited, right?