This is my 100th story! This is halfway to my goal! Enjoy the read while I take a break for a few weeks:)


‘Close your eyes!’, she heard her husband shouting.

She did as her husband wished while trying to remember which special day today was. She could not. She felt ashamed. How can there be a special day without her remembering it but her husband does? What would she do now with no gift in return?

‘Can I open it yet?’

‘No, keep it closed?’

Her husband walked near her and started talking.

‘How do you feel today?’

‘I am ok. You?’

‘I am good. So, you feel better than last week?’

‘I think so.’

‘I got something that will make you feel even better.’

‘What is that?’

‘Open your eyes!’

When she opened her eyes, she saw two tickets in front of her. For today! They were going to the vacation spot they always wanted to go to but were always busy to do. Her sadness had made her husband do it finally. She was indeed feeling better.

But she felt ashamed again. For thinking that surprises were only for special days. How narrow-minded of her. She wondered how much more she would learn from her husband.

‘Much more’, her mind replied. ‘A lot more than you expect’.