She could not believe what was happening. Now, she was strongly advised not to go out of home?! Just when she was at her willingness to find happiness!

For the last couple of weeks, she had been finding a lot of opportunities that she thought would improve her mood and keep it there. She was finally utilizing anything that she came across. She finally had the willpower.

Then, this came. All of a sudden, not only she had to lose contact with people, but she was also not going to go out. She had lost two most powerful tools she had in her battle against her constant sadness.

So she cried in her room. All her dreams for improvement for the upcoming months were shattered. She would go back to her old self. At that time, she was not really utilizing anything that she came across. She was resisting it.

After a few days of agony, though, she started accepting the fact. She did not feel that bad. After a few days of her acceptance, she noticed she had started enjoying home. She was meditating more, reading more, sleeping more, reflecting more. She also ate better because she was finally cooking for herself.

She was living her dream life. And she had not even wanted to be put in this. Her initial resistance was a witness to this unwillingness. Yet, she was still put in this by force. A force that was hiding many invisible good things behind for her. Invisible until she accepted it.