Why did the sky intrigue her so much? Because of its color? Because of the stars? The sun? The moon? The vastness?


She was interested in what it hid beyond. What was happening in the unknown? Were there creatures like her there as well? Were the souls just wandering around? If so, were her grandparents souls there?

She imagined the space to be a place where all of these happened. The sky was the entrance to this lively environment in her mind.

To reflect on this better, she stopped walking and laid on the grass, facing the sky. She imagined she was there. She went from one place to another swiftly and flawlessly. She met all the creatures that she imagined were there and her grandparents’ souls as well. She saw that the souls there were just so happy there, unlike people on this earth. She asked her grandparents if she could stay with them forever. ‘It is not your time’, they replied, shattering her enthusiasm. But she understood. ‘You will find nice places in earth if you look around’, they added. ‘I am too far to those ‘heavenly’ places that you see pictures of on earth.’, she thought but she nodded nicely.

As she lay down, she turned her head to the right and saw a couple laughing and talking on a bench and children playing in the park happily. The park was very green, with a nice lake in the middle. Around the lake were people taking walks, talking and laughing at the same time.

‘Maybe I am not that far to the heavenly places’, she thought. ‘No, correction. I am in the heavenly places.’ She looked up at the sky and thanked it for the lesson of today.