To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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29 thoughts on “Too Much Time

  1. I think it’s great you are trying to find time for other things. I, personally, take the time to meditate in the Lord’s word and write out the things I am thankful for and blessed with in my life every day. It helps me appreciate everything that has been laid at my feet. I also understand not everyone is religious but you can still write or say out loud what you are thankful for. Life is beautiful as long as we keep remembering the good in it. That’s my little tidbit for ya. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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    1. Religion plays a big role in my life too and I spend 3-4 hours now on things related to religion. And honestly, I am grateful that I have now the time for things I have always wanted to do but did not have the time. Maybe I can extend the times of the things I am doing now. Thank you for the suggestions! You have a great Sunday too!

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  2. I’m struggling a bit with what to do to help, as well.

    Who to help? Everybody needs help now. What can I do? What should I do? Who needs me the most right now?

    I went for a drive (self-isolating in a moving vehicle) today, and found a wee bit of nature, and I sat there in more silence than I usually permit myself. And I asked whoever was listening what I should do.

    Then I thought about what I wanted – and then it became thinking about what I needed. I often think that I already do this too much, but what I was hearing back from that silence was that I hadn’t really allowed myself to help myself yet.

    What did I need? I was the person asking myself to help others, but I hadn’t really felt right acknowledging my own needs too. It was helpful to sit that way, letting myself see my own needs; I had a cry, unexpectedly, I spoke out my needs; I felt way better; I felt more at peace.

    Then I spent the next few hours excited – imagining ways my future self would grow into a helping role, and how much I would love that. How much I wanted that, and needed it. How much I was needed.

    I couldn’t imagine my future as a helper without acknowledging what I needed first – and within exploring that dream without feeling any guilt about putting myself “first”, I found new inspirations about the kind of person I really longed to be.

    If you’re wondering if it’s okay to also want to help yourself – by being quiet, or pursuing hobbies, or taking more sleep, or doing anything purely for you, especially if the you you’re thinking of caring for truly wants to be a person that cares for and helps others – then that is exactly (I truly believe) what the world wants for you.

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    1. I love that! How much deep thought in this comment! I think part of what disturbed me this time is that I am giving myself a lot of time and not enough for others maybe. I don’t know. Maybe I am meant to spend this time for myself. The only way I can help others is to connect them online (chatting, working out etc) so they will not feel alone. Other than this, I don’t know what to do.

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      1. Helping people connect right now is a great idea. Some of the members of my church started a weekly zoom meeting, to help us stay connected. Many of the members are elderly and don’t know how to navigate the world of communication platforms (there are so many). That might be one kind of service worth doing for others – helping those who are feeling isolated find the tools to stay connected with their community. That’s only one idea no doubt of many. The field is ripe for those seeking to give right now…

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      2. I think there might be some free alternatives to zoom, at least for small groups. Google Hangouts has some leeway, though I don’t recall if it requires a gmail account to use. Those are free too though 🙂

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  3. you are really right, we got so much time, and it is time I think to self improvise… you are doing good, read, exercise, I guess we must make an list of things what we haven’t done yet, and also learn in these periods all those things to be acquired

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  4. Here is a quote by Ovid, I recalled this morning as I wrote and thought you would appreciate:

    “To wish for what you want is not enough; With ardent longing you must strive for it.”

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