Pointless Overthinking


Hi everyone!

This post will be me asking you guys for suggestions.

With the quarantine, I realized how much of my time I was wasting just going around. My life before the quarantine for this semester was not so much different than now, but in my ‘free’ time, I would just go here and there to pass it. Now, with that being gone, I am realizing how much time these little trips were taking everyday. That is to say, I suddenly have so much and I don’t know what to with it.

I still do everything I used to do. I study, read, exercise, meditate etc. Then, I do relaxing stuff too. I watch TV series, knit, bake, talk to friends and family etc. After I do all, I am still left with a lot of time and I am finding it hard to fill it. Ideally, I want to…

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