He felt he could get lost in this ocean. It was deep and he was diving even deeper with each heartbeat. He did not care. He continued.

He was hearing some noises as he was diving deeper. They seemed to come from the surface of the ocean. As he went closer to the bottom, he started hearing the noises down there more and more. The noises at the bottom of the ocean were calming. They made him smile. He knew he was in harmony with the creatures here. His moves were blended into theirs. His sound was in harmony with theirs. Everything seemed so perfect here.

He was swimming in harmony in the ocean bottom when he heard a very loud noise from the top of the ocean.

‘Hey, are you with me?’, it said.

‘Yes, I am, of course.’, he answered. ‘I just was lost in your eyes.’

The woman he was on a date with smiled and said ‘Cheesy!’. He had never had this feeling on a first date before. Nothing she said would make him feel bad now. Instead of feeling bad, he offered her a walk and she accepted.