Mayur has suggested that I share the schedule I am trying to establish in the new lifestyle we are all trying to adapt to. So, I thought this Wednesday, instead of Mini-Story Completion, we can all share our schedules to inspire each other. Maybe someone will see in your schedule an activity that will inspire them to add it to their own schedule.

I will initiate this with my own (tentative) schedule. You can share yours in the comments!

I try to stick to it but it changes slightly from day to day. Especially my study sessions are interrupted by constant internet-scrolling but I am working on it and getting better.

5-6: Wake up

6-7.30: Prayers, Meditation and Blog-Reading

7.30-8.30: Exercise (now HIIT Cardio or Yoga on alternate days) or Reading

8.30-9.45: Breakfast and Family-Calling etc.

9.45/10-1: Study (exercise is here if I am working out with friends)

1-2: Friend-Calling or Internet Surfing

2-4: Study (also Reading if I have not done it earlier)

4-5: Nap

5-6: Study

6-7.30: Dinner and something to watch

7.30-8.30: Meeting

8.30-10: Random Stuff

10-11: Sleep