‘Hey, do you want to sit with us?’

‘Erm, sure!’

This is how their friendship had started in high school. Seeing Logan sit by himself in this event of collective joy had broken Brad’s heart. So, he had invited him to their table.

Logan was not very talkative initially. But then, he opened up. They had a fun night together. You could see the happiness and joy in his eyes.

They had met in the second year of high school, but their friendship lasted until the end of it. They went to different cities for college and in time, they lost contact.

5 years after college, Brad moved to the city Logan had gone for college and he knew he was still there. But he assumed Logan would not care about him that much after all these years, so he ended up not calling him.

On his second day in the city, he received a call from Logan, inviting him for dinner to his place. He went to his place, where he was surprised by the amount of food they had cooked. Logan, his wife and Brad all had a lot of food and fun. He felt nothing had changed. Logan was the same person he was. He was the same person he was. The joy was the same joy it was.

Years ago, he had invited Logan to join him. Now, Logan had done the same. Life was in circles and this was a good circle. A circle worth walking on until life ends.