Why is it that people are always confused and confusing, including you? If you are going to sleep, sleep. Don’t try to study on your laptop. I know you don’t work on your laptop when you try to study. You just watch those random cat videos, which drives me crazy. Get yourself together.

You remember the other day when you were crying? I felt bad for you, so I came close and looked at you in the eye. You looked back at me but continued crying. Then, I sat next to you, rubbing my body against you. You put your hand on my back and smiled briefly. But you continued crying afterwards. But it was ten minutes after that when you decided to get up and dance. You said you would not stop crying otherwise. I watched you dance with shocked eyes. You were crying just a minute ago.

At that moment, I realized something. It was dinner time. I looked at the usual food location and there was nothing. How dare you!

So, I meowed loudly. You can be confused about anything but not my food. Bring it on now!

Luckily, you understood. Good human.