To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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29 thoughts on “What Quarantine Taught me I could Live without

  1. Curling up with a book and a cup of my favorite blend is the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend or evening, and it costs me next to nothing. Being a caffeine addict myself I am definitely craving when I’m out…

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  2. Quarantine has made me finished a lot of my writing…and I’ve always appreciated my family and always being a family person. I can’t think of anything that has taught me as such. I’m an old soul and always have appreciated the good things in life.

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      1. Human interaction is important. I’ve been doing in person conversations for a long time. Although, most people today prefer their interactions on social media which is the most stupidest thing ever. It has no meaning, and no substance. Face to face interaction brings more depth in a conversation and meaning.

        You are on the right track.

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      2. I wish there we’re more people like you in this world who would want to meet in person for a genuine in depth conversation. Unfortunately, with the quarantined in place not going to happen.

        Your last statement is correct. It’s refreshing to know someone like you who believes what I believe and the feeling is mutual.

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      3. Indeed. However, after this pandemic…will people be more open minded to interacting with one another? Maybe yes, Maybe no. People are way to depended on their phones and the high level interests that blossoms in the device. It’s annoying because I’ve come across people who have a short span and dive right in to their phones while I’m speaking. I call them out on it to their face. They get surprised by my candor.

        Well, see how people change afterward. Do you think they’ll be more human interaction after this?

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      4. I think we cannot beat this natural need, so it will exist. But maybe we will be more open to virtual meetings. Here is the thing: I was the kind of person that did not get into contact with people unless it was in person. Now, I think I will still meet people in person if I can and if not, I will use virtual meetings instead of not meeting at all.

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      5. Virtual meetings is okay because one is testing the waters to know if the person is legit, kind, and wonderful. If chemistry binds the commonality. Then meeting in person would be required by both parties. Is that fair?


  3. I thought I couldn’t live without go out&chill at the cafe at least once a week (usually on Saturday afternoon after work). But, I didn’t do it for almost a month and it’s not a big deal. Btw, I love cappuccino too. It’s my most favorite type of coffee that I usually order. Stay safe and healthy, Betul.

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  4. Beautiful post! Indeed there is so much positivity to be grabbed around us. I think I have learnt to appreciate smaller things in life and concentrate on myself.

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  5. Thanks for the support.
    Just a suggestion – determine what values you stand for, and follow those. The habits that form, will be precious and rewarding.
    Best regards,
    Rich (aka Dick)
    P.S. On my WordPress site is a book that I was going to publish, but decided to put it on that site for free. Please check it out as it relates to my comment above.

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  6. I completely relate to this one based on my addiction to Dunkin Donuts Caramel Macchiatos. It’s not because they aren’t available, but since my family lost 2/3 of it’s income, that drink is a luxury. I have learned to make a pretty decent version at one using much cheaper ingredients.

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