Her legs hurt because of tiredness. Yet she had to go to the office; do some grocery shopping; come home and finish the writing she has started; cook. None of these tasks could be postponed, at least in her mind. Oh dear Lord; she had so much to do. Why would the legs hurt just at this moment! She knew the why but still why!

When she finished the groceries by dragging herself and was walking home, she felt the hurt a bit more. So, when she came home, she left the groceries in the bags and went directly to her bed. She felt very guilty to have left all her work undone but those damn legs. They were not getting any better.

She slept for many hours. So many. Her plan was to take a nap but the nap had turned to a night-long sleep. And a long one indeed!

When she woke up in the morning, she felt even more guilty. Now she had to squeeze in the work for the day before to that day. But the legs were still hurting. She did not resist and fell back asleep.

In that one last moment before she fell asleep, she said to herself:

‘These legs started hurting three days ago. I wish I had listened to them then. But oh well. Time for more sleep.’

She could not fight against her body any more. Her body had made her obey it at the end.