Was there an alternative world where the nights were not dark? The night sky frightened her. It gave her all the sadness in the world. If there was such an alternative world, she would gladly move there.

She got up from her bed, unable to sleep, laughing at her stupid wish, to go get some water. ‘You are being ridiculous now’, she said to herself. ‘You are in this world and you need to accept it.’, she continued. She was happy that she was alone. No one had heard her say these things.

Some people talked about the beauty and calmness of the night. She got angry at those people at times. They did not know how much she hated the night time. She never talked about it, but they should have known.

‘If mom was here, I would not be afraid’, she thought. ‘Even the kitten would do.’ The kitten would not save her in any way but she would still save her. That was her belief.

She came back and lay on her bed again. She closed her eyes. Her transition to sleep was easy this time. In her dream, her mom and the kitten were running towards her. She could feel the happiness inside her. When they hugged her mom, she felt the warmth all over her body. The same warmth she felt when she patted the kitten.

Waking up at that moment, she was still feeling the warmth. She thanked dreams for existing. She thanked them for giving her this feeling. Otherwise, how else would she experience it?