Saba nominated me a long while ago for this nice award! She is a wonderful blogger, with the sweetest heart that can fit the whole universe in. Go visit her inspiring posts!

This award rules are simpler. List ten things that make you happy and nominate people. But as you might know, I always nominate whoever wants to claim it.

These things make me happy:

1- Home

With the quarantine, I realized how much I like my home.

2- Family

Top priority always.

3- My brother’s cat

Here is a picture of him on his first birthday in his birthday attire (now he is a bit older than 2). I miss him so much.


4- Friends

What is life without them?

5- Chatting with People

Oh, I love that so much. I talk too much at times.

5- Workout (especially HIIT and dancing)

Dance my problems away.

6- Blogging and Reading

Opens up new worlds for me.

7- Food (especially sweet things)

Give me all sweets in the world except for ice-cream and donuts.

8- The Sun and Daylight

Anything bright.

9- Sleeping

Minimum 8 hours a day.

10- Tea and Coffee

My only addiction is to tea. Coffee is nice too.


What are yours?