The birds were singing more different lately. Livelier and louder. They were now his companions in the morning when he went out to the balcony with his coffee in his hand. It felt like being in a music concert. A music concert that the birds seemed to organize only for him every day. He did not miss one day.

Sometimes he would workout instead of going to the balcony at that time. That was always a pleasure too. It was much better than listening to the instructor, honestly, because he had already memorized every word she said. He had one this exercise for God-knows how many times. He gladly accepted the birds as his gym bodies.

The birds did not stay too long, however. He did not hear them after brunch time. Maybe they were singing for other people then. This also made him wait for them enthusiastically the following morning. If they were always there, would he get tired of them?

He walked back in from the balcony. The concert was finished. As always, it was a great one.

‘Can I wish the quarantine never ends so I can listen to these birds every day?’, he said to himself.

He knew he could and he did. He found peace in the idea that he would listen to them tomorrow again, at least. And possibly the day after and the day after. This comforted him. He smiled for that reason.