To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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21 thoughts on “Stress and Relief

  1. Hi Betul, I’m pretty good, I feel that I’ve thought about life a lot. I do social media as well with Facebook and Instagram. I felt I’ve been stressed a little bit here. I know as the corona virus stay at home thing is happening many people around the world are battling another thing with hunger. So I try to think positive that I’m fortunate enough to have meals. And enjoy the outdoors as well. I hope you’re able to be well fed as well. I know some of business are going back gradually in May. Peace and love to ya and I hope you’re not too stressed out about things.

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    1. I am not too stressed and in fact, I am overall happy and content with what I have now. I get mood swings sometimes, possibly due to a trigger like the one I mentioned. But that is probably a natural part of adaptation! After all, as you say, I have my meals too and I have everything I need. No complaints.

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      1. “t seems like this quarantine is challenging our mental constructs and with each mental construct that is challenged, we go through a stress-relief period. Ultimately, this is a good thing. We are learning a lot.”

        I believe this too. This is certainly a period of change. It’s very stressful, and maybe we can pick up on each other’s moods. We might be more empathic than we think?

        I have hope for a good future, though I’m sure not without bumps and hurdles.

        Thank you for your kind writing 🙂

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      2. Thank you for the nice comment! I am also hopeful that all of this is going to bring nice changes for our mental health. We will hopefully learn to appreciate the beauty of rest and silence more and this appreciation will stay with us.

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  2. I think I have slipped into the routine quite easily. There was a resistance to begin with and certainly there is a big question mark on how will the new normal be; and yes strained relationships because everybody is being pessimistic and that drains all the positivity I want to hold on to.

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      1. That’s true, a sudden change and we had to accept it, assimilate it and live with it. I think in my case, being an introvert has helped. 🙂

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