He could not remember what his parents looked like. That damned accident had cost him a lot. So much that he felt he was robbed of his own existence. He survived the accident, but he thought he never lived again ever in his life. And he was not living now either. That damned accident has cost him his life.

The photos in his hand were the only way he could see and feel his parents again. Old photos. The newest one was taken when he was six. That one has a nice history. His dad and he had gone to an amusement park. It was on his dad’s promise. He had achieved something and his dad had taken him there. He could not remember now what his achievement was. But it must have been huge.

He heard his dad’s voice in his mind now.

‘Come! We will get on the bumper cars now.’

He was scared but his dad was with him. So, he got on. His dad was a good driver. He bumped all the cars in the scene. He felt proud. So, proud that he could not stop talking about it in the dinner that evening.

What would his dad think of him now? Would he be proud of him just as he was proud of his dad that day? Would his newly-acquired college degree be celebrated? Would his dad take him to the amusement park again for this new achievement of him?

He would. If that damned accident had not taken him away.