Pointless Overthinking

Hi all,

This week’s post is a collaboration post. Khizer and I wrote this post together. Go check his blog. If you like Pointlessoverthinking, you will like his posts as well. He posts about self-reflection, personal development etc. and he is very insightful at that.

Having said that, enjoy the post below and let me know what your thoughts are on the topic!


Do they get excited when you share good news with them?
When you get good grades?
When you get a promotion?
When you share your success story?

And are they there for you when no one else is around?
When you feel defeated?
When you suffer a loss?
When the world seems to be ending for you?

If the answer to both sets of questions is yes then you are in a positive environment, no need to worry. However, if the answer to even one set of…

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