His headphones were an irreplaceable part of him. He had them on practically at all times. Running, studying, eating, even sleeping at times. Maybe the only time he did not have them on was when he was driving. He would like to wear them then too, but he did not want to have an accident.

Sometimes people criticized him for always having headphones on. They said they could not talk to him. Did they have to? He would not mind if they had not. Why were they so interested in talking to him anyways?

Admittedly, there were a few times when he asked himself this exact question. Why did he always want to have them on? It is not like he was listening to anything useful. No audiobooks, no podcasts. Just songs. Different ones, though. He had playlists corresponding to his mood. Every one of them. One thing he noticed was that when he listened to a song that matched his mood, this helped him to get into his emotion. To focus on it until he made the most of that emotion. He loved that intensity that songs brought to him. No person could bring that intensity. Why would he choose humans over songs if the latter helped him more?

His friend had asked him all these weird questions today and pushed him to think about them again. He already had the answers to all. He just wished no one questioned him ever again.