She wanted today to be a silent day. When she opened her eyes to the bright light from the sun touching her face, she stayed there. She absorbed the light as much as she could. She did not run away from it. She did not avoid it. She enjoyed it with every cell in her body.

After she thought she had had enough sun, she walked to her balcony. The birds must be singing now, right? And indeed, they were. She set up her chair and listened to them, looking into the peaceful emptiness of her garden at the same time. She did not even make her coffee. She only wanted to listen. Coffee would have distracted her.

After she thought she had heard the birds enough, she walked into her little garden and sat on the grass. Her flowers stood in front of her, in full blossoming mode. She watched them in silence. Their colors were so attractive that they felt like feast for her eyes. She did not look anywhere else. Just the flowers sufficed.

After she thought she had watched the flowers enough, she walked back home. Some of her senses had already been fed. Sense of touching by the sun, hearing by the birds and seeing by the flowers. Now it was time for feeding the sense of taste. It was time for her silent breakfast.

‘Is there anything more fulfilling than a silent day?’, she asked herself although she knew the answer. Do you know the answer, you the reader? What is your answer?