Her eyes were shining when she talked about what she wanted to do next. Her enthusiasm was adorable.

This was something Jane could never do. She had never felt this excited about anything. Even if she did, she was not sure if she would be able to show it like her.

She was still talking about her project and it had been more than an hour. Still with the same energy. Same passion. Clearly, she had thought about it in a lot of detail. Jane did not even listen to what she was saying. All she did was to watch her talk and observe her mannerisms.

They parted ways after a few hours. Jane decided to walk home. She needed to think. She needed to think about why she did not have a passion about anything. Whether she really could not have a passion or did not let herself have one. If she did not let herself have one, why was that?

She wanted to think about these questions and more. Once she found the answers, she hoped, her life would change for the better. Dear reader, will it?