To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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26 thoughts on “You are perfect?-Who, me? No, I am not.

  1. Perfectionism prevents me from recording my music, songs that I’ve written over the decades, because I’m afraid they won’t sound as good in comparison to what people have come to expect. That’s ridiculous because I built an entire studio in my basement that has barely been used for actual recording! So I think it’s definitely a common flaw – one which i’m still battling. So thanks for sharing.

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  2. Perfection is good – only if it is treated as an ideal state towards which we ought to strive continuously. Looking at it as a pre-requisite for the first attempt is always a bad idea.

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  3. Perfection to me is more of a imagery goal than anything . The appeal of it probably first came from hundreds of years ago but this idea can be confusing to what is and what isn’t. I’ve been doing well, been drawing and watching movies. I hope you’re doing well also

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  4. Perfectionism is neither good or bad, but a product of such idealism that society packages that thought in us all.

    With any talent or thereof. Mistakes are a given and as the old saying goes (practice makes perfect). If we mess up on one thing, its okay there’s always a next time and that time will be good or not, but keep on trying and eventually we will perfect that hobby or such.

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    1. Yes. I think we want to reach the end quickly and that is messing us up. Instead, we need to follow the steps. I also think perfectionism can be an ideal that we strive to achieve, but so long as we can keep ourselves in check in the process.

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  5. Perfectionism stopped me from doing many things before, driving too. However, as I think it is my flaw to be perfect about everything I learn to let go. It is very challenging to let it go though. However, a few months ago I back to driving a car again! 🙂

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  6. “perfectionism” is a mask hiding the fear of being called “awkward”, it hides the fear of being “clumsy”, “sucker” (sorry). you read heroes’ biografies and learn some stupid mistakes in their lifes and you dont want to be stupid. It’s like being a quiet-person. If you are a quiet-person, if you never say a word about anything, no one will listen to you, and if you start talking perfectly one day, still most of them will not listen to you, they will see you as a weird-talking-person. Being perfect from the first moment is like a 2-yrs-old-baby talking like a professor, it’s weird. You have to grow daily.

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