If she knew how to express this feeling, she would have. She did not. Yet, people kept asking why she looked sulky.

She went for walks so people would not ask this question. But then, people passing by wanted to chat with her and that was the last thing she would want to do in those walks. She would then pass those people with a little smile and short answers. Mostly, people got the clue and stopped talking to her. But there was always a next one. Was there something about her that invited people to talk?

When she stayed home, she confined herself to her room when she got that inexpressible feeling. She would be in peace in her home for a while. But then, her mom would drop by and bring in some fruit for her. Making that an excuse, she would try to talk with her. She would ask what was wrong. Obviously, her mom had good intentions but that was the last thing she wanted at that time.

Sitting on the coach in her silent apartment now as she felt the same feeling, she thought about why she had been so harsh on all those people who had been trying to help her. Now, her only wish was to bring them all together and listen to them ask how she felt. Because now, no one asked. Because now, no one cared.