‘Who is this new individual? I don’t like him. Take him out of home.’

He was saying these as loud as he could but mom did not hear him. He had no choice but to threaten this new individual. She would maybe leave on his own. So, he got closer to the frightened-looking individual. He was sure she was pretending to be frightened. What evil things she is planning!, he thought. Before she conducts her plans, he had to get a hold of her. So, he locked his eyes in hers. She looked even more frightened. Could she be afraid for real? This thought crossed his mind once and he rubbed it off immediately. He could not show weakness now. He raised his hand to hit her and mom walked in and got her with her.

‘No, don’t touch her baby. She is a friend.’, mom said.

He looked at mom for a bit and said all he could every say:


He heard the other individual respond before mom:


Maybe she was a friend after all. Now they had made peace. Mom would be happy.