Hi all!

I have been nominated for the Real Neat Blogger Award by tenzznet. She posts really practical things you can apply in your daily life and make your life more fulfilling. You should go and check it out! Even if you apply one thing there, it will lead to improvement!


The rules of Real Neat Blog Award are:

1. Display the blog award logo on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
3. Provide a link to their blog.
4. Answer all the questions given to you.
5. Nominate 7-10 bloggers of your choice.
6. Ask your nominees 7 questions.


Questions for me:

1. What is the bravest thing that you have done?

Coming to a far-away country to live on my own for years. 

2. If you didn’t have to work to make money, what would you do instead?

Probably just writing. 

3. What is the most difficult thing you’ve had to overcome?

The sense of loneliness when I moved to the US. I don’t know if I am fully over it yet. 

4. What is the weirdest realization that you’ve had? For example, I once considered that I’d never be able to see my face as others do without a reflective surface.

Hmm, I think for me, realizing how much I was blocking my emotions and I thought it was the normal way of living. Not weird when I say it like that but the extent in my case was a bit too much. 

5. What is the newest thing you’ve learnt about yourself?

That I am a tolerant and patient person until you hit an important criterion. If someone violates a point I value, I have zero tolerance.

6. What is the most ridiculous thing you ever heard? If you prefer, you can tell me the most preposterous thing you ever believed until you realized you’d been deceived.

Now for 2020: that it was impossible to stop life on earth.

7. What on earth are you particularly grateful for?

My family and friends. 



My Nominees:

As usual, whoever wants to claim it:)


My Questions:

1-If you could do one last thing before you die, what would that be?

2-What is your approach to the people you recently met? Cautious? Friendly?

3-How do you deal with stress?

4-What is the outdoor activity you like the most?

5-Who is the most valuable person in your life?

6-What is a life lesson that you learnt that changed your life?

7-Do you like interacting with kids?


Happy week, everyone!