‘Mom, hold my hand!’, shouted the boy. He was afraid. Mom held his hand. It felt good. He did not feel afraid anymore.

‘Son, hold my hand!’, shouted the mom. They were walking back home. The boy did not. He wanted to run. He did not feel afraid. He did not see why he should hold mom’s hand. Mom shouted the same several more times. He still did not see why. Until a car suddenly appeared before him. It did not hit him, but it was frightening enough for him to not let mom’s hand go at all. He held her hand tight. But he let it go soon because he wanted to run. And mom started shouting again.

Back then, it was easy to feel safe. Just hold mom’s hand. Now was not like that. He felt unsafe. But there was no hand to hold onto. He shouted: ‘Mom, can I hold your hand?’. No one heard. How he would feel safe, he did not know.

As he walked back home now, he could hear mom’s shouting in his head: ‘Son, hold my hand!’. In his head now, he was holding her hand right away. Even that made him feel a bit safe. So, he did not let go of it. Ever again. Ever. Again.