She was tired from all the work and wanted to take a break. She put on her walking outfit quickly and got out. The weather was nice and warm and people seemed happy.

Her work was taking a toll on her recently. The number of projects she needed to finish had increased suddenly since she had been promoted and she did not yet know how to handle this change. All she could do is work all the time and take walking breaks like this one every now and then. But she could feel her eating and sleeping schedule getting messed up and she knew where this would go. She needed to do something about it.

She decided to call her friend to chat as she was walking. She told her about all these issues she was facing. She also told her about a pattern she was noticing in her work pattern recently. The longer she worked, she worse she did in the projects. Somehow, working a lot was negatively correlated with the quality of her work. Her friend said:

‘Oh, so you are getting into the same loophole that you did when we worked together.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Remember, you tried to work a lot to finish stuff up and the stuff got worse. Don’t repeat that again. You know, it did not end well for you.’

It made sense now. This explained why she was feeling there was something wrong all these days. There was indeed something wrong. Her mind knew where this was going and it did not want to suffer the same way. It resisted. Thank God she now noticed. All it took was just another eye.