‘Hey, bring that to me.’, said the old man to the boy.

‘It is too heavy. I can’t carry it!’, shouted the boy.

‘Oh, let me help you then.’

That is how John remembered him. He was his employer, but he was also his helper. He was not intimidating. Well, he sometimes was. But mostly not.

The last time he saw him was last year, when he went to his childhood town after many years. The man looked old. When John walked into his home, the man shouted:

‘Hey, bring that to me.’

And of course, John immediately replied:

‘It is too heavy. I can’t carry it!’

‘Too bad. I can’t help you this time.’

They both laughed. The man seemed to be in good mood. They didn’t tell John that he was fighting against an illness at the time. John laughed the whole day with the man with that ease in his mind. He was grateful that he didn’t know his illness then. At least now, the last memory of him that he has was a good one.

The sad news came today. He felt very uncomfortable. Very out-of-touch for some hours. It was not easy to take this news.

But then, what was better than leaving a good name behind you. All John remembered about him is helpfulness and fun.

You did it, old man. You really lived.