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23 thoughts on “Types of Ego: Which one do you have?

  1. I’ve had any/all types of ego-stances (persona) at certain points in my life; i’ve been overconfident, over-critical, stubborn, and deluded. But my default is a relatively weak ego-stance because of my tendency for introversion and my value for humility. Unfortunately, that’s often perceived as weakness. It can be an advantage in preventing self-delusion, but also quite a disadvantage out here in the American “social-jungle”. As far as eliminating the ego, that means eliminating your point of reference to the material world – which may be the goal for an advanced yogi, but not so practical for grocery shopping. ; P

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    1. I also believe our ego defines us. It is what makes us exist. But I think there is a fine line between the right use of it and the wrong use of it. So, yeah, I agree, for practicality purposes, we should keep it but just channel it in the right place.

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  2. I suppose I should be more accurate in my terminology in order to differentiate “ego” from self-confidence.

    According to Jung, the ego has five functions: stability of personality, stability of identity, cognition, executive functioning, and reality testing. All very important in grocery shopping. 😁

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  3. So many are consume by their ID and don’t check their super ego!!!

    I do not think for a second that I know everything or that I am always right far far from it

    On the other hand I do let others dictate my actions but I am very unpredictable but will always hold others to accountability

    “I am the Crocodile at the water hole” E.O.S

    Never forget that

    I have no problem making waves or turn up the inferno when others choose Ill advise acts of cowardice.

    Word to the wise ” Don’t start a inferno you can not handle ” ApeX



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      1. Yes so many afflict and change the narrative because they can now face their own accountability.

        Like certain groups and as well many heroes as I ve stated I am not now or will ever be seen as Hero.

        I have absolutely no problem being what I am the Villain or aka the bad guy because I know I’m RAW , REAL

        This why so many afflict accountability from the Hero to Villain because it’s all the Villain fault they are so evil” !!!

        Yet if you look at many so called heroes there only a few I see as whole and most humanist

        1.Wolverine one because Logan has many flaws and demons that consume him

        2.Batman- Outta all the super heroes he is most human characteristics- lost his parents to violence witness their murders in front of his young eyes. That change and mold him into becoming the Dark Knight but does he always do the right thing or what is just ?

        3. Spiderman- before he was bitten by radioactive spider that ended mutating his DNA and genetic sequence, he was just that nerdy kid that always got pick on then when he was infused with his powers. Peter Parker could inspire himself to be more to make world around him a better place.

        Does he always do the right thing no but does the Just and righteous will to act

        His Uncle Ben said this ” With great power comes great responsibility ”

        This still reigns true and shows that without Accountability there is no Conviction

        As Villain which I am through in and out as Joker said ” Every one goes looking for monster under the bed but the live within”

        Another Joker stroke of genius is this ” Why should I apologised for the Monster you made me ”



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      1. Trying to understand something you have no correlation with is like being asked to climb a mountain with rope.

        I know everyone has their own versions how they see themselves and that is what creates the schism between us all.

        But how others allow others to use them as whipping post and doormats do nothing to defend their meyio is beyond me.

        I was always taught and had it forged inside me that when your up against you do whatever is needed to get the assignment, task , objective done.

        There is a saying I created ” To get to Heaven you need to baptized in Hell” E.O.S

        So if someone truly wants something whether it be ascertained success find defining moment of Greatness

        Whatever it maybe if your willing to challenge and take risks to fall then you really think anyone else will help you !

        “Nothing worth value should ever be given its earned period ” ApeX



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  4. I myself learned that having a ego I learned good but having a kind ego rather than a selfish one is much more important but it may differ with the environment ones in. And as I got older I realized that having joy and friendships is more important than ego is. I still have a overconfident ego but I feel the spread of kindness is much more important in life.

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