What could she do to spice her day up? Go to the park? Hmm, maybe. But that park was becoming less interesting for her, given that she was there every other day. Well, almost every day to be more exact.

Where else could she go? Or what else could she do? It was so hard when you had so limited options.

Then, she knew. She would go to the park. The same park. But she would do something different. She always got a coffee and studied. This time, she would take her hammock with her and lie under the sun between the two giant trees there.

Couldn’t she just lie on her bed? What was the point of going all the way there to lie down?

What was the point of going there and studying? She also had a desk and a chair at home.

She decided this logic was not tenable, so she left it at home and left.

Needless to say, it became the most relaxing day she had in the past few weeks. Sometimes, you just go with your gut feeling and leave your logic behind. That is just how it works.