Were the birds chirping different today? They sounded more melodious somehow. The sun looked brighter too. Oh, the sky. Was it always of this nice shade of blue? It seemed gloomier before.

There was no way everything looked and sounded better today all of a sudden. She sighed and shrugged it off, thinking that she was just being weird.

She went to the kitchen for her morning coffee. While she was making it, the smell of the coffee attracted her so much that she went and checked whether she had bought new coffee. Her old coffee did not smell like this.

But nope, it was the same old coffee. And yes, she was being weirder now.

She started sipping her coffee and checked her notifications on her phone. That is what you do in the morning, right. For some reason, some of her friends had sent her some lovely messages, which made her feel great. She did not know what had prompted them to do that but she was not complaining. She texted them back. With even lovelier messages, of course.

It was her old friends and they did not do this often. Today was really weird.

Instead of thinking why today was being so weird, she decided to embrace it. She looked around to see what other nice things there was to notice. Oh, she saw so many. She could not count them even if she wanted. So, dear reader, count it for yourself. How many blessings do you have around you?