To Write or not to Write and What to Write

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16 thoughts on “Gratefulness and Point of Focus

  1. Betul, a touching and authentic post and was impressed by your humanity. At present im writing about Aristotle’s Eudaemonia, the ultimate in human flourishing. He is very realistic about it being in a state of flux, with good and bad things around us. Some situations like you being away from your family is real and not pleasant. He doesnt act like the negatives will disappear rather we cope and aim for our best, like what you are doing now. And the goal is in the future all the pieces come together and we will experience bliss.

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  2. Missing your family is natural Betul. But just imagine that in addition to the missing family you didn’t have friends too and you were living in a hostile country…. so thank God …. everything is His grace – including our pain.

    I thought you were studying 🤔

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      1. How awesome Betul.
        In my very first blog – Around the World with Love; I had written – where ever there is love that is my home 💖
        I am sure you would be doing video chatting with your family and that too is something to be thankful for

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