He was angry at John today. He had taken his toy when they were playing. His anger was so evident on his face that when he met his dad after school, his dad asked immediately why he looked angry. He refused to answer first but then told him about the situation.

His dad asked where John was. He said he did not know. His dad said they should go and look for him. He felt happy his dad was so determined to take his revenge for him. He held his dad’s hand firmly.  

John was still playing in the school garden. When John saw them, he started running towards them.

‘Hey, Matt! Come play with us.’

He refused and looked angrily at John.

‘Give me my toy!’, he shouted.

‘What toy?’, asked John.

‘The one you took from me when we were playing.’

‘I don’t have it.’, he replied.

His dad noticed that he would start fighting, he immediately chimed in.

‘Can you guys both check your backpacks now? Then we will see who has it.’

They both did. Neither had it.

It was hiding next to the trash can in the classroom. His dad convinced Matt that he would get him a new toy and made John and Matt make up. Everyone was happy. If the toy was there, it would have been happy too.