She had escaped this little town with all her might years ago with the intention of never coming back. This town was making her world smaller. This town was drowning her in its endless boring event circles. She needed out. She went out. She thought she would never looked back. She did not, for years. But here she was again. She was back where she had started. Her life had made a full circle.

She visited some of the places she had good memories in. Half of them were gone. The other half was so not taken care of that they looked like nothing she had kept in mind all these years. She had had some bad memories too. The places she experienced them in, they were also not like how she remembered them.

She visited some people from the time she was in this town. There was this one kid she used to play with. She visited him. He also looked nothing like how she remembered him. Neither did her best friend at the time. They had obviously grown up, but their faces and bodies had changed in a way she did not expect. For her, they were still the age she remembered them at. At least until she saw them this time around.

Maybe she was not back where she had started. It sure seemed like that to her first. But the starting point looked different. Maybe it was a different one this time. Maybe, this was her new starting point.