She had always wondered what her story would be like. She would imagine herself as an adult and try to see where she would be working, how her home would look, what her family be like and how her friends be. She had visualized them all. And yet, her life now was not really that close to it.

She had imagined she would be an assistant professor by now. That is how you start the academic ranking, right. Yet, she was still working at a lab trying to finish projects that belonged to others. She would likely spend some more years in here.

She had a good husband, a little kid and a cute home, which made her more successful than most others on that front in the academic field.  And yet, the family life she imagined was not what she was living. She could barely spend time with her kid, which made her feel bad as a mother. Her time with her husband was also limited and often defined by tiredness.

Friends? Oh, friends. She had only a few and imagine what was happening with them. She was barely finding time for her family, let alone friends. So, count them out of her life.

Maybe her imagination was a bit too rushed compared to how slow life can be moving. Maybe it is the sense engrained in all humans to get to the final destination quickly that shaped her dreams and her sense of failure now.

Oh well, she would have to wait some more years for the incomplete parts of her dream to be fulfilled. But she would get there at the end. It is just… She did not know that yet.