Her dream was to save the world. She hated seeing people crying. In her ideal world, no one would cry. No one would even be sad.

She knew this was an impossible goal. And yet, something in her still made her believe it. She had had this belief since she was a child. Now, her only dream was to found such an organization that would reach to everyone in the world. She was constantly thinking about this organization: how she would operate, how she would find the money, it what the name would be, everything about it. But the problem was that she still could not make it reach everyone. Every plan she came up with lacked something that would make her organization universal enough. That is why she could not even start the first stage of founding the organization, although she had been planning it for years.

She was getting hopeless without losing her hope.

Something was going to happen. But when?

And there she got her answer.

As she passed by a homeless man, she realized she never said hi to him. She did not even look at him in the eye. Her head was always down when she passed by him. This time, she smiled at him, said hi and gave the pack of apples she was holding in her hand.

The homeless man smiled back and said:

‘You can save the world only by saving the people around you.’

She was surprised. She could not say anything. She smiled and continued her way. How come she had not thought of that?

She knew her project to save the world would be real some time. But she did not know it would start today. And she did not know it would start this way. But now, she knew she was going to help everyone she knew in any way possible. So, she went home quickly and made some dinner to share with the neighbor’s.

The knock on their door was the official start of her organization.