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Hi all,

I will do something different this week and accept an award for my personal blog (betulerbasi.com) here on Pointlessoverthinking because the content of this award is very fit for here.

Kamal is an awesome blogger who writes on various topics that are very much related to life and how to make our lives and environment better. he is a great inspiration and did a great job in introducing this award. Here is Kamal’s description of the award (here is the link to his blog post: https://kamalsbloggingcafe.wordpress.com/2020/08/08/great-achiever-mahasiddhi-blogger-award-gamba/):

It has given me an extreme happiness and immense pleasure that I am here to introduce a ‘GREAT ACHIEVER “महासिद्धी” BLOGGER AWARD‘ to expand peace in our global village- WordPress. This award goes to a real achiever and successor who has been giving their creative feelings and thoughts exquisitely presenting a good perfection of work of art in WordPress…

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