(This is the continuation to the story I started last week, link here: https://betulerbasi.com/2020/11/20/surprise-from-the-universe/)

He was excited for his first-ever full day of meditation. He thought he would not be able to sleep at night because of this excitement, but surprisingly he had. They would meet downstairs at 5. This had scared him, actually. Waking up and being downstairs at 5? It seemed like an impossible task to him. And yet, here he was, awake at 4 not knowing what to do until it was 5. So, he just waited.

He started walking down the stairs when it was ten to five. Some other people were walking down too. Some had open eyes and seemed energetic. Others were yawning. He was in the middle. He was not too energetic, because the wait had made him a bit sleepy by now. But he was not really yawning, either.

They had some breakfast and went to the meditation room. Everyone sat and closed their eyes. The first meditation was one that focused on the breath through the nostrils. He tried, but all he could do was fighting the thoughts that came to his mind. It was as if they were waiting for that exact moment! He opened his eyes a bit to see if anyone else was struggling, but everyone seemed to be doing fine. So, his eyes closed back.

This struggle continued for the next eleven hours of meditation that day. What tired him was not the long hours of meditation but the fight. He did not know how to handle this. He started listening to the guide leader –along with others- in the evening with some kind of hopelessness because of this. And yet, the guide’s voice was calming him down. He sat there and watched him without even blinking much. Finally, he was able to concentrate on one thing.

He was now hopeful that perhaps the next day would be better.

[to be continued]