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He came down the breakfast room with enthusiasm today. He was able to focus better the previous day, so he had gone to sleep feeling proud of himself.  He was getting a hang of this meditation practice. He smiled at people around as he ate his food and walked to the meditation room.

The meditation started as usual, but later they were asked to change focus. So far, they were focusing only on the nostril area. He did not know how to do it at the beginning, but now he was used to it. It was almost easy for him. But today, they were asked to scan their bodily sensations. How the hell do you do that? Where do you start? How do you proceed? What is a bodily sensation in the first place?

He freaked out. He decided to start from his head but he could not feel anything. He decided to have a more specific focus. So, he put all his focus on his forehead. Nothing. He could feel nothing. Then he tried to focus on his hands, and still nothing. No part of his body had any sensations. He was frustrated. So, he decided to just take some breaths and calm down. He just did breathing meditation for the whole day. He calmed down but he could not even start this new meditation technique. How would he survive the next seven days?

He was disappointed in himself. He went to his room that night with a feeling of sadness. He certainly was not proud of himself tonight. But deep down, he was still curious to see what the next day would bring.

[to be continued]