The prequel to this story is here.

The breakfast today was not the best. He was still feeling the disappointment from the day before and he still did not have a way of handling this new technique. What was he going to do today? He had hours of meditation in front of him.

He watched other people in the breakfast room to distract himself. Some people seemed tired. Others were wide awake. He wondered how people were seeing him now. Did he look tired? Did he show his disappointment? He wished he could ask someone but silence was required. So, he just finished up his breakfast and walked into the meditation room.

He decided to start with what he knew better. He meditated focusing on his breath through the nostrils. After a few hours of doing that, he slowly switched to his forehead and he felt some tension there. He felt excited! Maybe now was the time he started scanning his body. He did not rush, though. Maybe he had failed the day before because he had rushed too much. So, he stayed on his forehead for more than an hour. Then, he moved to his hands. Today, he was choosing the areas of his body to focus on at random. He just wanted to get some of it right. And he indeed did. He was satisfied enough today. Today was a good day.

He listened to the leader with more enthusiasm that evening. His words just sounded more melodic. Was he always like that? Who knew.

[to be continued]